Tree Energy in Springtime

Tree Energy
in Springtime

A most precious reference and teaching book by Carola Bersford-Cooke publisher Churchill Livingstone.
Title:-  Shiatsu Theory and Practice – A comprehensive text for the student and professional.

Page 121, a few tiny quotes “The wood element, liver and gallbladder.
Element Associations, energy, cooperation, adaptability, organisation, self-expression.
Quote from Dylan Thomas the great writer “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”
The Wood Element is the only one in the Oriental model which expresses individual identity as well as being a force of nature. The plant world as a whole
has a group energy – Aristotle spoke of the “vegetable soul” – to describe a certain level of consciousness – but each plant species and each individual plant within the species has its own unique form and design…..The capacity for harmonious coexistence is one of the most important aspects of Wood in the human body and mind. Wood energy allows us to attain our maximum potential for self expression, if we use it well….the gift of Wood Element is to urge us to strive equally for our own well being and for that of other life forms which share or create our environment”.


Now we use our courage and power to clean our liver and gallbladder by foregoing over eating, bit too much alcohol, chocolate, the sweet cakes, pies and croissant or indeed the very salty ones. Instead we eat beautifully, drink plenty of water, and take lots of exercise outdoors walking, leaving the smart phone definitely at home, look at the sky, breathe the fresh air deeply and smile at the buds on every tree and plant that have rested through Winter and now flourish.
Then we flourish too. Our mood changes from within and it is priceless.