We provide cooking advice & services.


We provide cooking advice & services.



A health coach and cook will cook healthy food for individuals, families or small groups, including gourmet cooking for special occasions, and cooking for gluten-free and other specialised dietary needs. They will give cooking classes and general advice and support on the choice of natural ingredients and how to prepare a healthy diet. And give recommendations for a healthy lifestyle through individual sessions, talks or classes, including Do-in meridian exercises. Find a Practitioner

All Teachers, Consultants Health Coaches and Cooks listed here are accredited by the Macrobiotic Association to ensure that they meet the highest professional standards.

All accredited professionals have agreed to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, available to download hereThose working in the UK have professional insurance. Those working in other countries will have insurance when available, but in some countries this may not be the case, so please check this with the individual.

All consultations and advice are the responsibility of client and professional practitioner. Though the Association upholds the highest standards, it cannot accept any responsibility for arrangements between practitioners and their clients.

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