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Here are an exciting range of courses given by our professional members. Our professional members are committed to provide excellent ethics and have been accredited by the Macrobiotic Association for their understanding, knowledge and skills in macrobiotics. The courses can include macrobiotic cooking, healing, positive thinking, meditation, philosophy and principles depending on the course. The courses are listed in a random order and you will need to read the description to help find the best course. These are ongoing courses that may be held at different times, so we suggest you contact the course provider for exact dates.

For course enquiries, please contact the schools directly below.

Macrobiotic Training


The course teaches you to be a Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook and is accredited with the MA.
It is interactive and includes cooking, macrobiotic healing, meditation, face reading, feng shui, macrobiotic principles and qi gong. The aim is to become a holistic healer with an integrated range of skills to help yourself and others make the most of life.
The basis of the course are The 7 Conditions For Health, which explore exercise, natural foods, good sleep, excellent memory and self esteem, healthy emotions, positive psychology and appreciation or a love of life as the basis for great health.
Once you have improved your own life you can also help others do the same. The course includes the study and practice of health coaching techniques.
The primary teacher is Simon Brown who is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life, international teacher, previous chair of the MA and student of Michio and Aveline Kushi, Shyzuko Yamamoto and Takashi Yoshikawa for many years.

All classes are recorded and you are given all recordings for revision or in case you miss a class. The course includes tutorials with Simon to help catch up missed classes and for deeper help.


Simon Brown, Melanie Waxman, Filipa Silver

Time & Duration:
200 hours of classes on Tuesday evenings and selected weekends. Each class is 2 hours

Cost: £1495

email to
or phone +44 (0) 7543663227

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