Strengthen your body and mind.


Strengthen you body and mind.



Walk daily, at a good yet calm pace, breathing deeply, for 15 to 20 minutes and longer once a week. Walk in any weather with good flat shoes, wrapped up if it’s cold and with an umbrella or raincoat for the rain. Sometimes a slow reflective walk is satisfying too.

Either way, be aware of your spine, hips and shoulders, move the arms in rhythm with the legs. Whether you’re on a busy street or quiet lane or in a park, enjoy the sounds around you especially bird song or rustle in trees. Choose to challenge yourself and walk up the escalators in stations, use stairs rather than lifts. All exercise is available and it’s free!

Walking is the best movement we can do every day of our lives. It reduces stress by moving every organ inside us so it can revitalize and be free after being cramped up behind a desk or computer. Moving this way lets vital oxygen into the lungs and blood stream, wakes up the muscles and tendons, stimulates the mind and body and heart. After movement and with more oxygen we can become calmer, quietly inspired, refocused.

Other forms of non-extreme exercise can include swimming, yoga, running, pilates, tennis, dancing, singing, sports, tai chi and Do-In. If you are in a wheel chair take those 15 minutes to sit in the sun and breath deeply, consciously move every limb that you can, stretch an arm, rotate the head, shake out your hands.

Have a deep inner smile and enjoy it!

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