Appreciating the life & work of many.


Appreciating the life & work of many.

This page is in appreciation and remembrance for those, who dedicated their life’s work, to teaching and encouraging health and wholeness for individuals and society.

We thank them all.

Cornelia Aihara

Herman Aihara

Suzie Caunce

Neil Gulliver

Aveline Kushi

Michio Kushi

Marlise Binetti Kupper

Jo Kipling and Jane Kipling

Ferro Ledvinka

Patrick McCarty

John Morley

Christopher Musson

Adelbert Nelissen

Lima Ohsawa

George Ohsawa

Jon Sandifer

Francisco (Chico) Varatojo

Daphne Watson

Shizuko Yamamoto

Warren Kramer

Sheldon Rice

Mark Hanna

Ed Esko

Tomio Kikuchi

Bernadette Kikuchi

Denny Waxman,     

Lino Stanchich

Vittorio Calogero

Paul Jones


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