A long-held dream.


A long-held dream.


The Macrobiotic Association is a voluntary organisation set up to provide information and resources, maintain standards of macrobiotic education and promote the many benefits of a macrobiotic way of life worldwide.

We have an accreditation process for macrobiotic health coaches, cooks and consultants to become MBA Professional Members and maintain the highest standards set by our code of conduct and ethics. 

With its headquarters currently based in the UK, the Association is run by a group of elected Directors who meet regularly to further its work.


We are here to teach, guide and inspire you about Macrobiotics. We invite you to be healthy and happy, to live your life with passion and adventure, through the simple practice of macrobiotics. Our classes, training courses, and personal services will show you the way.


The Macrobiotic Association is a voluntary organisation made up of a group of elected directors. We represent all styles of macrobiotics and aim to be a positive, harmonious, constructive group when working with other macrobiotic organisations, teachers, schools and individuals.

Our Directors: Simon Brown, Ariel Perea Diaz, Anna Mackenzie, Marion Price, Valentina Deva Ray and Shirley Roach.

Meet our team here.

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