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UK, Northwood – HA6

Anna has been teaching, catering for events and retreats and leading workshops in Macrobiotic cooking and nutrition, home-remedies, yoga, shiatsu, healing, movement, philosophy and Interior Alignment for over 30 years, in many countries. With this experience Anna teaches all aspects of cooking and philosophy and co-runs workshops to encourage a healthy, happy life at any age. She is also an Okido Yoga teacher; this includes Hatha Yoga but fundamental to the Okido approach is life in co-operation with other people.

The consultations and coaching that Anna gives are tailored to each individual, attending to the body, mind and soul being in harmony on the particular life path. She believes that if we want to care for ourselves, we need to care equally for all nature and living things; the ecology is inside us and outside us, at every moment, and  it is our personal and shared responsibility to keep them well. This she feels is the fun of the big life view!

Macrobiotic values are strong basis for a peaceful, healthy, ecological and sustainable future. It is fundamental that we all value organic farmers as highly as pharmacists, and value organic food as crucial for world health and world prosperity. Anna loves gardening, dancing, is widely travelled, and Chaired the MBA for many years. She is grateful to all her teachers at the Kushi Institute in London and Switzerland and America and feels Nature is also a great teacher.

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Anna Mackenzie


Cook & Health Coach

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