Meet our great team.



Meet our great team.


The Macrobiotic Association is a voluntary organisation made up of a group of elected directors and the membership. We represent a broad spectrum of macrobiotics and aim to be a positive, harmonious, constructive group when working with other macrobiotic organisations, teachers, schools and individuals.

Our Directors: Simon Brown, Ariel Perea Diaz, Anna Mackenzie, Marion Price, Filipa Silva, Melanie Waxman and Katerina Mlejnkova.




Melanie Waxman is considered a pioneer in the field of nutrition, macrobiotics, food energetics, and holistic health. She has spent 4 decades practising integrated therapies and has helped clients from all over the world including well-known musicians, politicians, actors and top business leaders.



Teacher and Health Consultant

With 45 years of experience, Ken has an extraordinary knowledge of, Macrobiotic principles, of foods and their effect on the body. This lifelong learning is transmitted to people with a great passion and energy, enthusing all to look at their own food and lifestyle choices and see where they can be changed for the better. Ken started to give nutritional and lifestyle consultations in Italy in 1992, which now, after 32 years has expanded to several European countries. Currently Ken teaches the levels of Macrobiotic study in Valencia, Madrid and Lisbon being one of the few senior Macrobiotic teacher/consultants in Europe active at this time.


Director, Chair


Past chair

Passionate about nature, the environment and creating a more just and peaceful world, Marion sees that a macrobiotic way of life is an important part of the way forward for people and planet.




Anna has been teaching, catering for events and retreats and leading workshops in Macrobiotic cooking and nutrition, home-remedies, yoga, shiatsu, healing, movement, philosophy and Interior Alignment for over 30 years in many countries.

Director, Chair



Simon is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life and a macrobiotic practitioner, macrobiotic consultant and macrobiotic teacher living in London UK.



Membership and Newsletter

Ariel, a practising  architect, has been involved in the world of macrobiotics and wellbeing for several years. Ariel is actively involved in the activities of the association, and now looks after association memberships.

Director, Chair


Macrobiotic Health Coach and Counselor

Érica, from Portugal, is passionate about oriental medicine and macrobiotics, helping others achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle, cooking and creating new healthy, nourishing and delicious recipes. She started her macrobiotic practice about 15 years ago in her hometown, Viana do Castelo, taking small courses and workshops with a local friend and macro teacher.
For the past few years She studied Chinese Traditional Medicine and Orthomolecular Nutrition. Currently She is training in Lisbon to be a macrobiotic health coach and counselor. She love to study and learn with others and recently had an amazing experience assisting with the cooking in an intensive International Macrobiotic School summer course in Devon.

MA Minutes Archive from MA Directors Meetings

We are glad to share with you the contents of MA Director Meeting of this year.

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