Ginger or Chamomile Compress




Ginger or Chamomile Compress

This is a wet compress. You need a soft mattress or blanket to place on the floor for the receiver, (not an air filled mattress) and a large cotton towel over it; another blanket to cover them and a low pillow; 2 small towels and I large one.

Next you need a very large saucepan with a lid, a large, long handled wooden spoon, a heat proof matt for the hot pan and one foot square piece of cotton muslin, a piece of ginger or a box of loose dried chamomile (organic when possible).

Ginger stimulates circulation and is antioxidant, chamomile is antiinflammatory; both are relaxing, often chamomile is best before sleep.

To use ginger take the piece of rhizome and grate it fairly finely into the piece of muslin that is on a plate to catch any juice. When full close the muslin with a knot or elastic band. Bring the water to boil.

Arrange the area with care, in a place to be quiet for 20 minutes, or 40 minutes if you are going to exchange treatments. Usually this is given to the area towards the lower back over the kidneys, but the compress may be placed on the lungs at the back or front, on the shoulders or neck or place where strain is felt. Avoid hot compress on the head.

Always check for contra-indications and do not use on a swelling or inflammation.

Once the receiver is comfortable, turn the heat off under the water and carry the pan carefully to put onto the heat resistant mat fairly close to the receiver. Put the muslin bag of ginger straight into the water and stir and press the juices out of the bag against the side of the pan with the spoon. For either ginger or chamomile, do not bring the water to the boil once they are in it…keep the lid on and it will stay hot for a 15 minutes compress session.

Hold the towel firmly at either end, put the middle into the water and make sure it’s fully wet and hot, then squeeze out incredibly well using your two hands at either end (or with an assistant when teaching).

Always test the heat on your cheek before placing on the area being treated – ask the receiver to say “HOT” if it is too hot, then whisk it off shake it in the air and apply very gently again making sure the towel is flat with no wrinkles because they make pockets of heat.

Spread another towel over this one – very gently tuck-in the sides by the ribs. When the towel starts to cool take it off, cover the flesh with the other towel and repeat. When you reheat the towel. While the heat is being absorbed and the receiver still you can sit by the feet and massage them, and the legs without disturbing the towel. When you finish dry the area with the dry towel in 3 long slow movements, rather than rubbing vigorously. Allow them to rest for 5 minutes at the end.

Give them a glass of water or warm herb tea.


Salt Pack.

This is a dry compress. Heat organic sea salt and wrap well in several layers of pure cotton. (Like a tea towel. It maintains heat a long time.

Place on the sacrum or hara area below the navel, to relieve dia, most cramps, muscle stiffness, period pains. It is better not to use when the cause is clearly from an overly yang tendency. Practice with family and friends.