Gentle, Thoughtful, Fasting

Gentle, Thoughtful, Fasting

“Change, but start slowly, because direction is more important than speed”
Quote from Paulo Coelho


In the air is that magical time between seasons, so tangible especially when we go outside (with no phone in our hand). How like a tree we are.

The angle of the sun changes, the sky, length of day, and how our valuable, noble trees, plants and vegetables respond – then the birdsong.

We are not separate – at these times we are part of the magical change; repeating the world outside by deeply respecting our personal precious natural world inside ourselves. We care for ourselves in gratitude. All cultures across the world have had ways to do this for thousands of years.

The intuition to bring renewal, freshness, emptiness and confidence. 

It requires a bit of preparation that is subtle not sudden – gentle not drama – considerate of who we are in this universe -. 

Anytime in the year although at the season changes the natural cosmic atmosphere helps and supports us. And so decide to take just as long as you need one evening or daytime, to contemplate – how will it be now i have decided to cut down on my automatic food and drink intake, my (sometimes insatiable) appetite to eat, snack, fill myself up. It helps to remember that millions of families in the world hardly have food to survive. Our diligence contributes to the bigger picture, how to have less and appreciate it more. Each of us is different and now you write your plan by hand if possible and note the days of extra activity when you will not fast. Fasting is about giving space inside us, to give thanks.

 My suggestion is 2 or 3 days part fasting for 2 weeks, the other days normal but eating a little less perhaps.

Each day on waking take a few minutes to stretch the arms and breathe in fresh air by the window if possible while you inwardly dedicate your fasting process to cleanse and refresh for your self and others. Take in and release 3 deep breaths. Next have a whole glass of warm water with or without a tad of lemon juice. Then the first day prepare breakfast for the family but not for yourself and food for the family to take to school or lunch or whatever you normally do. You have a large cup of hot tea. Soups and stews are also excellent at fasting times. Include some wakame, nori or dulse sprinkles.

Any noodles, grains, pasta, beans, tofu, tempeh, veg and salad – lovely natural pudding for your ordinary meals when you are home. Remember sauerkraut too.Take time to eat slowly, not at the work desk, think about your digestion and how it is nourishing you, breathe deeply, encourage an inner smile, how good to feel a little empty To really care for yourself avoid crisps, biscuits, bread, snacks, pastries….for crispness go to celery or apple.. It’s helpful to drink warm water and herb teas throughout the day and before bed and especially if you fancy any of the aforementioned simply have a glass of warm water instead!

This helps the toxins out of the body. If you finish supper at 7.00pm and eat lunch the next day at 11.30 you are indeed creating the gentle, thoughtful, process of half fast.Two or three days is perfect, one after the other or alternately with ordinary days is entirely up to you to assess and plan. Gentle, thoughtful fasting allows toxins to leave the body, mind and spirit and free our organs to clear and function better, our whole system relaxed, focused, happy. It’s best to exercise, stretch, breathe deeply out of doors – go for a quiet or speedy walk, run or dance for 20 mins per day, helps the process a lot! Each night before sleep take a moment again to stop, put your hands on your belly, and say thank you to yourself (and anyone supporting you), for what you are nourishing and gently achieving….this is good, maybe i will do it twice a year for ever! 

NB: In the(superb) book Grasshopping Through Time…Using Ancient Wisdom, the author Rex Lassalle, discusses many aspects of the 5 Element paradigm. I quote: The obvious four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and a fifth the Chinese call DOYO. Doyo is a time of Earth; this is 9 days before and after the Solstices and Equinoxes, the time of the Earth organs which are spleen, pancreas and stomach. It is a time of interlude between the seasons where the nourishing aspect is emphasised. 


“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonder and humility”.
Quote from Rachel Carson