Changing Seasons successfully




Changing Seasons successfully

Every year we have this opportunity of dramatic change to understand it more deeply in ourselves, in our relationship with all of nature and the Universe.

For many thousands of years this has been observed and felt by humans world-wide and it was until recently, always celebrated. Why? Precisely because it is so significant a change and this was always marked by celebration; when all different people come together to align with universal energy. In this alignment is one aspect of respect for Mother Nature and our own health and wholeness.

When the Autumn Equinox occurs, the light changes, it is at quite a low slant across our land, it reveals great beauty. An artist who sees and has practiced how to use paint to record these natural changes is David Hockney. He observes the seasons of the year, tunes in and waits to see how the sun circles, shadows changes direction, delicate colours of the sky alter accordingly. It is as wondrous and subtle as the changes that occur in us humans and it is this that our highly intelligent and intuitive ancestors celebrated rather than ignored.

The art of celebration with nature, and with ourselves as an intrinsic part of the universe, has a very significant purpose in our life, in our relationships and with our spiritual and physical health, we could say wholeness and sense of self knowing.

Originally described and spoken in words, by all cultures, so they may be at one with nature and with themselves as individuals on this Earth: empowering, enabling through every generation regardless of age, for all the community.

In Autumn for example when it becomes cooler, colder, darker in preparation for Winter, we learn to cover our skin, our muscles and the veins holding our blood stream, our neck and throat and lungs and ankles and we keep our whole body system protected by wearing the warmest clothes. It helps 100% if these are made from natural materials that allow air and oxygen to circulate. Nylon, elastic, acrylic, poly anything do not allow our systems to breath which  significantly undermines our nervous system and circulatory system plus there can be much toxicity in their manufacture.

Equinox celebrates this cosmic change. We do not dress anymore for summer because it is not summer. ( When next summer comes it is a glory) We do not rely on fossil fuel heating so we can pretend it is warm while we use up Earths’ precious resources. No, we stimulate our own precious resources, dress warmly, wear gloves, exercise, breath deeply out of doors, care for nature by looking after plants and birds, to strengthen ourselves through the cold, we build our endurance and our intestinal strength and our personal confidence and with this confidence we can rejoice with nature for what is rather than what we think ought to be. We can go inside ourselves to be creative and thoughtful; giggle and laugh in the cold, watch our breath on the air, and not become ill because we are co-operating with Mother Nature. If we get very cold, our organs suffer and we can more easily become ill and require care and medicine.

Now come parsnips, carrots, onions, certain dark greens, veggies that can be harvested and stored in dry places to use through Winter.

Strawberries come in June and July to freshen us for Summer but at this Equinox start to revel in and enjoy cooking glorious one pot stews that have cooked for half an hour to an hour. Lots of vegetables, seaweed, tofu, tempeh or one of the many beans. Season with one of the miso’s, ginger or mustard, black pepper, olive oil, and serve with a soft grain or maybe fried grain….loads of chopped parsley or scallion. Glass of organic cider maybe and for me cooked organic dried apricots, dozens of different styles.

This way we strengthen, respect and protect who we are, and the Earth where we are born, in a strong, safe way.

My 2021 Autumn/Winter plan is to use less gas for cooking; not to turn on the heating until November 1st with more clothes, more movement, more thought. I’ll tell you the result at Spring Equinox! 

A suggestion at this critical turning point as David Attenborough points out is for each of us to plant a real hardwood tree this October before the frosts begin. I’m certain we must take action and contribute oxygen – isn’t this what Lima and George and Aveline and Michio and Cornelia and Herman were teaching.