8 Ways to Make
your 2020
Resolutions Stick


by  Anna Freedman

8 Ways to Make
your 2020
Resolutions Stick


by  Anna Freedman

Selecting food, cooking, eating, sitting down to eat: all are daily practices, like any stretching, yoga or meditation practice.  You are probably eating at least three times a day, so that’s already 21 opportunities to practice healthy eating just this week.

For your radiance to emerge and grow, I invite you to taste the foods of health on a daily basis.  Regard each day afresh.  What happened yesterday is gone and tomorrow’s dining has not yet happened.  Today is when your practice is manifesting change.



Here are 8 ways to help your 2020 healthy eating resolutions stick:

1) Start with small, realistic changes

Perhaps breakfast can be tailored more towards health.  Or lunch choices amended.  Aim for changes you can realistically practice.

2) The items you avoid pave the way for great transformation

You know the culprits: sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine.  Pick the one or ones that speak to you.

3) Stock up

I am forever speaking about stocking up.  It makes such a difference to have a variety of healthful ingredients on tap. Today my organic order arrived and although I haven’t used any of the produce yet, I feel such bounty that my cupboards are brimming. (Please get in touch for a great discount from my top supplier the Organic Delivery Company for London-based readers.)

4) Set aside time

Commit time to your new practice.  Time to read, shop, cook and eat.

5) Green portion

Add freshness to your diet with one good serving of leafy greens a day.  Enjoy your greens as a salad, in a smoothie, juiced, blanched, steamed, boiled, fried or baked.  Or as part of my lovely Soba Noodle Bowl with Cavelo Nero & Ginger Miso Dressing  

6) New recipes

Develop your repertoire and add excitement to your diet by trying at least one new recipe each week. The online Pure Cook’s Training equips you with my essential favourite recipes and much more.

7) Write daily in your notebook or journal

 What you ate and drank today.  Notice how you felt and how the food affected your body.

8) Let go of “practicing perfectly”

Continue travelling on your balanced path of healthy eating without the setbacks and self-criticism of your perfect aspirations.



Anna Freedman is a qualified Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook, with a vibrant practice and online Pure Cook’s Training http://www.wholefoodharmony.com/pure-cooks-training

Author of Pure Baby:  Give a Beautiful Beginning, Anna also offers Gaia events https://www.annafreedman.com to develop nourishment and positive parenting.