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I have always been interested in health and natural ways to healing, long before my cookery training in macrobiotics and natural foods.

I first encountered macrobiotic cuisine, I was overcome by most beautiful food and cooking.  The essence of eating such pure, whole foods and creating delicious natural flavours felt so right.  I enjoyed widening my diet and restocked my kitchen with all manner of whole foods.   I began experimenting with recipes and creating a multitude of dishes.

I started feeling nourished.  My energy, skin, digestion and infact all my cells thrived on this natural way of eating.

People require delicious and healthy recipe repertoires easy to recreate for every day dining. I use a wide variety of natural ingredients, and share dishes that resonate with the body and are balanced for nutrition, taste, colour, texture, energy and more.

I embrace natural, organic, vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic food for the wonderful taste, vibrant energy, complete nutrients and powerful benefits to health.

I founded Wholefood Harmony in 2009 to teach the preparation of such foods rich in whole grains, pulses and local, seasonal vegetables with no added fat, sugar or preservatives.

Through Cookery Classes, Food & Health Coaching, and the highly acclaimed online Pure Cook’s Training I apply the wisdom of natural food and Eastern medicine to modern living.  I work with people wanting to develop their eating style, including health and healing practitioners, body work teachers and therapists.  

Author of Pure Baby: Give A Beautiful Beginning, I also work with women from pre pregnancy through motherhood to support healthy eating for them and their loved ones.

With sensitivity to the body’s energy, I craft individual food frameworks and life suggestions to promote growth, health and radiance.

When we live a master of our eating, the heart aligned to our higher self, we live with boundless love.

I invite you to taste this wisdom and wish you vitality, health and nourishment. 

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Anna Freedman


Cook & Health Coach

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