& 5 Transformations/ Elements/Phases


& 5 Transformations/ Elements/Phases

The Chinese created a holistic language of YinYang with the 5 Transformations that describe nature, whilst making beautiful connections between humans and all the natural influences on us. Through the knowledge of how our body is a mirror of nature, a flow of water, oxygen, food, and sunlight, they explain how we follow and use the same patterns and cycles in nature. This includes weather, climate, environment, other people, and natural cycles such as the day, lunar, and seasons.

Essentially, by understanding these connections, we understand ourselves better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and we can make more informed choices, regarding food, exercise, lifestyle, homes, work, thinking, study and meditation and predict the likely outcome of our actions.

These classes teach the essence of learning Chinese YinYang and 5 transformations in a simple easy to understand language. While YinYang describes the quality of the energy, 5 transformations are their direction. We will use this to focus on how to use it to make practical decisions, in order to be healthier, have more energy, feel happier as well as enjoy a strong connection to ourselves and everything around us.

We will look at our own physical health in terms of energy or ki/chi and relate this to various organs, meridians, or paths of chi, always using the language of nature. This is the basis of macrobiotic healing, feng shui, shiatsu, face reading, Chinese medicine, and Qi Gung.

Simon is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life and a macrobiotic practitioner, macrobiotic consultant and macrobiotic teacher living in London UK. Here is his consultant page.

There will be 3 online classes,
Saturday 2, 9, 16 May – 
3pm to 5pm UK / PT time.

Each class 15 to 25 € or £. Pay as you can.

For payment details and link to the classes:
email simon@chienergy.co.uk