Tree Energy




Tree Energy

What is this energy about?

The Tree/Wood element: the beginning of the cycle, the germination, the renewal.

Spring is here! The season of gentle wind, green colours and sour taste.

The movement is one of growth and expansion: ascending towards the sky, the Yang, collected and withdrawn in winter, begins to slowly arise and manifest itself.

Like the seeds that sprout, it´s now time to create, take on projects, give wings to creativity and passion.

In the body, Tree is associated with the eyes, liver and gallbladder. It regulates tendons, muscles, ligaments and the endocrine system. It manifests itself in the nails.

In oriental philosophy, the Liver stores blood and regulates its flow.

He is the General: the one who manages emotions, flexibility towards life, a combative spirit. It connects emotionally with anger.

Spiritually, with Shen Hun: our Ethereal soul, that resides in the liver and rules subconscious thinking, dreams, intuition, creativity, idealizing, strategizing.

Frustration, irritability, impatience, depression, physical and mental rigidity, inadaptation, inertia, lack of ambition and plans, cry easily, insomnia, frequent dreams and nightmares, visual changes, tendon and ligament problems, brittle nails, migraines, can all be a reflection of a Wood energy imbalance.

On the other hand, flexibility (of body and mind), determination, ability to project and quickly reacting, adapting easily, resilience, peaceful sleep, good vision and strong nails are usually clear signs that the element is in harmony.

Therefore, the present focus shoud be to soften liver and gallbladder, allowing Qi (vital energy) to flow freely.

And if the pungent flavour tones, the sweet one harmonizes and the sour disperses Tree, warm and fresh foods, that promote upward movement, emphasizing the sour and pungent flavours, which nourish the blood and detoxify, are ideal:

  • green vegetables, in resonance with the season (watercress, leeks, arugula, chard, cabbage, celery, asparagus, chives, parsley, coriander, mint);
  • infusions and purgative foods (radish, daikon, seaweed, miso, umeboshi, dandelion, bancha, artichoke, boldo, fennel, licorice, matcha);
  • grains and legumes (the most suitable for the season are barley and wheat – bulgur, couscus, pasta – but also spelt, rye, peas, fava beans, green lentils, mung beans, tofu;
  • sprouts, which bring life and lightness;
  • pickles and fermented foods (like sauerkraut and tempeh);
  • sour and pungent seasonings and citrus fruits (plum or rice vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, orange, tangerine, green apple, red fruits), all in moderation, so they do not stagnate the energy of the Liver.

Reduce hot foods, fats, salt, animal protein and alcohol.

Use methods that bring freshness: steamed, blanched, sautéed, a little bit of raw foods, pressed salads and pickled vegetables. Let your imagination run wild, take walks in nature, start projects, set goals, get rid of frustrations, declutch and detach, fall in love, why not?!, practice flexibility, of body and mind: let it flow and flourish.

Emotions, flavours anf flowing with the season

In Oriental philosophy there is no separation between Nature and Man, which is why it is considered that the changes of each season have a direct and necessary effect on our health, whose embalances are often a mere reflection of the disconnection with what is happening outside.

Hence the importance of acting according to its own rhythm, adapting our food, lifestyle choices and attitudes to resonate with it, in harmony and balance.

The normal movement of Tree or Wood energy, associated with the liver and gallbladder organs, is one of expansion, vigor, growth, renewal.

And if the element flavor is the sour one, it is useful to control conditions in which the energy of the Liver is in excess, which can manifest itself, on a psychological level (remember that, energeticaly, he is the manager of emoticons, the General), in symptoms like frustration, irritability, anger, impatience, mental rigidity and intolerance.

The pungent flavour, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect, boosting the expansive movement of Tree energy when it is deficient, blocked, which happens, for example, when the person manifests lack of ambition or life goals, constant indecision and inertia.

Furthermore, to counteract the heat that is beginning to manifest outsider, reduce the salt, soften the cooking methods (steamed, blanched, sautéed, pressed), use more foods of fresh nature, some raw, sprouts, homemade pickles, salads and seasonal fruits, in moderation, to prevent creating the opposite effect to what is intended: we want to refresh, bring lightness and gradually prepare the body for Summer. Not cool the body in such a way as to cause energy stagnation, contraction, inactivity.

Thus, a diet that favors the free flow of the liver is decisive to promote an open mind, good adaptability, dynamism and a positive attitude towards life.

This is the focus of energy therapy and the beauty of Macrobiotics: to observe, understand and use nature, food and everything it gives us in our favor, respecting its rhythm, its cycles, adapting it to each ones internal condition and constitution, in order to promote balance, health and happyness.