The Gift of Time




The Gift of Time

As I see it, a big door was opened in front of our eyes last year. Contrary to common perception, for me, outside in the world lies restriction while, fortunately, being at home is freedom. Globally we are understanding that Life is unpredictable and the present moment is priceless. For this reason I took those precious moments as gifts to take the time to explore the basic combinations coming from traditional kitchens and reconnect with my own wisdom.

Some time ago I found on the internet a few Macrobiotic chefs preparing versions of ‘the poor man’s cheese’. It was on my mind, but I had been working in London in a busy place, the retail business, and I found it quite difficult to find time for artisan kitchen work.

It has been fascinating to be able to return to myself and observe how I am being part of the five transformations. Following my instincts, something that is etched in my bones is the meaning of ‘cheese’ from my home town in Argentina. Having spent long periods of my childhood in the countryside, the aroma of cheese is something that lives with me.

To calm my craving I made some ‘poor man’s cheese’; after all, it was on the top of the list. To make it, first we mix 500 grams organic bulgur wheat with 1 litre of filtered water and a teaspoon of sea salt. I cover it with cloth and leave it in a warm place. Every few days, I stir it up and press the bulgur wheat under the brine. The brine is made out of water, sea salt and organic bulgur wheat and it creates thick layer at the top of the jar.

Repeat for a month. It is incredible to see how the bubbles change every day. And that is all, easy and made at home.

After one month, drain it into a linen or cotton gauze cloth, and stir in some dried herbs. In your hands, form it into balls, and pack into jars of olive oil with herbs and organic bay leaf leaves. The whole kitchen smells of fermented cheese, then little by little the smell dissipates. It is a dream for me!

Now I am preparing small jars for friends and the most fascinating thing is that some of them are preparing their own versions of this fermented ‘gift’.

Thank you – enjoy your making!