Spring Clean Your Life

Anna Mackenzie | April 2017

Take 10 minutes sitting on your balcony, on a park bench, or walking slowly. Breath in deeply the fresh air of Spring, the beauty of flowers and bird song. With quiet anticipation, imagine what you are going to spring clean in the next month. What it makes space for through the rest of the year. Maybe write a brief list.
One weekend – open all the windows, let nature in, Winter out. Put on your favourite music, clean everything including windows, front door step, under the bed etc. Throw out papers, look through the kitchen, give anything you no longer need to a charity shop – someone will need it now. Everything else, recycle at the tip or on recycle.comNow refresh your home with a spray of lavender oil with water. Place a small green plant or cut flowers where it lifts your spirit.
That done, refresh the body and mind until the end of April.  New routine, walk 15 minutes in your neighbourhood every day. Breath deeply into your belly. Smile at the simple good things in life, this helps difficult things to improve. Try three glasses of water a day, cut down on the biscuits, cakes, chocolate and Wintery eating for warmth. Have a bit less food, fresh vegetables lightly cooked, salads, dahl or creamy greens or carrot soups, lots of watercress, saurkraut, pickles, luscious seaweeds. Your choice of protein but lots of lentils and beans, tofu, tempeh. A few times a week do 20 minutes vve = very vigorous exercise. Take a shower and lightly scrub your skin with a loofah or flannel.
Clean the computer of all info you no longer require. Ready for a whole new season of being!