Who Really Feeds

the World?

By Vandana Shiva | Contributed by Anna Mackenzie | June 2017

This small book of 152 pages is required reading for every human because we all eat food. I cannot recommend it enough. It tells the truth of growing food in the world today. Vandana Shiva presents all the facts, and the statistics so minutely researched are horrifying – the killing of pollinating insects, of healthy soil and of water and aquatic animals. How the dominant companies began, by making nerve gas. The abundance possible with diverse farming methods.   Here are a few quotes.   “If humans survive this century, it will be in no small measure due to the work of Vandana Shiva, one of today’s most important writers, thinkers, activists. Her work is relentlessly compassionate, courageous, and bitingly clear. This profound book should be required reading for anyone who grows – or eats – food.” Derrick Jenson, author of The Myth of Human Supremacy.   The worlds food supply is in the grip of a profound crisis. Humanity’s ability to feed itself is threatened by a wasteful, globalized agricultural industry, whose relentless pursuit of profit is stretching our planet’s ecosystems to breaking point. Rising food prices have fuelled instability across the world, while industrialized agriculture has contributed to a health crisis of massive proportions, with effects ranging from obesity and diabetes to cancers caused by pesticides.   ………Shiva rejects the dominant, greed-driven paradigm of industrial agriculture………….to create a food system that works for the health and wellbeing of the planet and all humanity, by developing ecologically friendly farming practices, nurturing biodiversity, and recognising the invaluable role that small farmers can play in feeding a hungry world.   “We are the soil. We are the earth. We are made of the same five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space – that constitute the universe. What we do to the soil, we do to ourselves: it is not an accident that “humus” and “humans” have the same etymological root. This ecological truth is forgotten in the dominant knowledge paradigm, because industrial agriculture is based on eco-apartheid. It is based on the false idea that we are separate from and independent of earth. It is based on a world-view that defines soil as dead matter………therefore human action can only “improve” the soil with chemical fertilizers. Industrial agriculture with fertilized monocultures are responsible for 40 % of greenhouse gas.”   “No one should be sick because of food…….let us put our collective creative energy to work designing a future of food that protects the planet by working with Mother Earth to protect our soil, seeds and biodiversity, instead of declaring war against her through globalized agriculture and its weapons of war.” “This is the moment that calls for Satyagraha: the fight for truth. Satyagraha:- A word adopted by Gandhi from Sanskrit  meaning “holding firmly to truth”.     Earth Democracy, Justice, Sustainability and Peace, is another book by Vandana Shiva, also published by Zed.   See more   http://vandanashiva.com/?page_id=2