Natural Immunity



Natural Immunity

We live in a time when our immunity is greatly challenged. It seems we are becoming more sensitive and immune compromised as a result of our modern world and the increase of pollution, human made chemicals, toxic foods and stress.

As a result we need to become more immune savvy and wise in how we move through life.

It is important to be aware of our toxic world but also just as important to learn to live in it, to celebrate and live life with joy. Life is a paradox.

In many ways, our parents are our first “immune system”. They protect us from the outside world along with creating a safe home environment.

It is important to understand that our immunity is built over time and needs to be challenged just as we challenge our muscles so they become stronger.

Often immune challenges are sending us a message that we need to grow as a collective. When we align with good intentions, share wisdom and help each other from love and consciousness, we become a powerful, collective, immune system.

Our immune is also a great teacher. It teaches us about our environment and asks us to listen, reinforce and act.

Our immunity keeps us safe, protects our health and creates boundaries.

The goal of a strong immune system:

  • Protects against all kinds of harm
  • Enables us to move through the world with confidence
  • Puts us in a position of strength
  • Gives us the ability to fully self express
  • Helps us to be wisely vigilant and relaxed at the same time


If the immune system is compromised:

  • We become prey to many hostile pathogens
  • It is easier to get sick and weakened
  • We feel constantly on guard and afraid to be in the world
  • We have less energy to do the things we love


The gastro intestinal immune is a separate yet interconnected immune system in the gut. It accounts for 40-70% of total body immune tissues. It especially handles allergens and food-borne toxins. It becomes compromised by poor diet, stress, and antibiotics.

Immunity is often associated with the idea of a biological war. It is considered the archetype of the warrior. Our immune fortifies, fights, attacks, defends and is a natural killer.

The immune says no to anything it deems as harmful. For many of us the challenge to say no in various parts of life is also connected to low immunity.

Can we say no to poor quality foods, unsupportive social situations or toxic environments?
Can we say no to our partner, parents, kids, coworkers, or bosses?
Learning to say no and also to say yes is actually a powerful immune enhancer.

Some ways our immune becomes compromised:

  • Surgeries, hospitalization, antibiotics
  • Drug use – prescription, recreational
  • Over exercise
  • Lack of nature and lack of sun
  • EMFs, workplace toxins, mold
  • Foreign travel
  • Obsessive cleanliness
  • Vaccinations
  • Heavy metal exposure

Dietary Factors that affect immunity:

  • Overall poor quality diet
  • Food allergies
  • Excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol
  • GMO foods
  • Poor quality water
  • Chronic dieting and chronic over eating
  • Low probiotic diet
  • Not eating with the seasons or climate
  • Poor eating rhythm

Pyschological Factors that compromise immunity:

  • Self attack and judgement
  • Relationship challenges
  • Any way we make ourselves “small” or “less than”
  • Money concerns
  • Unexamined anger, rage, resentment, judgment
  • Belief that “I am unlovable as I am”




Immunity is approximately: 50% Conscious 50% Unconscious

Some simple things we can do to support our immune:

  • Enjoy a nutrient dense, macrobiotic based diet using seasonal, local, home grown, organic, wild crafted foods – include fermented and fresh herbs daily
  • Spend time in nature and in the sun
  • Slow down – slow eating, slow breathing, slow driving, slow walking, slow parenting.
  • Use air purifiers (especially in cities) and water filters – have plants in the home
  • Use essential oils especially lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree oil
  • Exercise moderately and outdoors
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have fun and marvel at our beautiful world
  • Be kind to the self and to others
  • Work together to create a loving, conscious world
  • Visualize your inner warrior and walk tall!