Less is more


by  Simon Brown




Less is more


by  Simon Brown

Macrobiotics has had an amazing influence on my life. Yet, I sometimes wonder if it became too complicated, attempting to be all things to all people, to have an answer for everything. Just for fun, I imagined that I was clutter clearing macrobiotics, in the same way I might clutter clear a house.

Normally we would create 5 groups:

  1. Essential and Necessary
  2. Great to have but not Essential
  3. Need to Decide. Wait and see if I really need it.
  4. Outdated and Time to Go
  5. Complete Rubbish

What macrobiotic principles would you put in each group and why?

For example, I might put:

1. Eating natural, healthy, plant based foods.

Ohsawa’s 7 Conditions For Health and 7 Stage of Consciousness.
Being in nature whether parks, gardens or plants in our homes.

2. Chinese Yin Yang, 5 Elements, chi

Macrobiotic philosophy in terms of self responsibility, thinking for ourselves, non credo, curiosity, eternal student…Nutrition in terms of acid/alkaline, essential nutrition, phyto nutrients, microbiome etc

3. 9Ki, Face Reading, Chinese medicine, Meridians…

I love all these subjects and teach them regularly, although for some people I realise they would be Complete Rubbish, yet I am not sure whether they need to be part of macrobiotics or should just stand on their own as related subjects. Would macrobiotics be lighter, freer and more flexible without them?

4. Order of the Universe, Theorems and Principles, Michio’s various Spirals of…

I think many of these were based on a thinking of the universe (In the 1940s) that has changed.

5. Macrobiotic Yin Yang

It has too many inconsistencies, creates lots of confusion with the original yin yang, it too complex and vauge to apply consistently, does not work with the 5 elements, and that this version led to the leaders claiming smoking was anti cancer, people should not eat salads or fruits, everything has to be cooked, and much more that has proved to be unhealthy.

All the negative restrictions around natural plant based foods, such as nightshades, tropical fruits or vegetables, herbs, spices…All the myths, such as stirring clockwise, eating in silence, that running harms the kidneys, only drink when thirsty, that brown rice is better than other grains, only cooking on gas or wood flame.

Any claims that medical style diagnosis can be made through looking at the face or meridians.
The idea that macrobiotic living is somehow superior to other conscious ways of living.


Simon Brown

Simon Brown is an international macrobiotic teacher and health coach. He runs a year long online macrobiotic training course and is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life.

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