from the Inside Out




from the Inside Out

Despite all the current Covid-19 guidelines to follow, it does seem strange that there has been no public health campaign about how to improve and maintain our personal natural immunity.

Viruses and microbes are everywhere, they cannot, should not and never will be ‘eliminated’. They were here millions of years before us and will probably be here millions of years after us – they are an integral part of our daily life.

Both the inside and the outside of the human body is crammed with millions of colonies of microbes and these are of major importance to our general wellbeing and also our immune health.  

Much of our very DNA is made up from viruses. A ‘war’ on viruses – what utter nonsense!! They are ubiquitous and necessary. Germ Theory (Louis Pasteur 1822-1895) says we are ‘under attack’ from viruses. Terrain Theory (Claude Bernard 1813-1878 and Bechamp 1816-1908) says, look after your insides and the viruses cannot proliferate and cause illness. Regrettably Pasteur was the greatest self-publicist and won the day! As a consequence, we ended up with modern medicine that mainly treats symptoms rather than underlying causes and tends to forget about our immense self-healing powers, and the power of homeostasis.

The Human Microbiome Project has demonstrated that we all have pathogens in our bodies at all times, which under healthy conditions are just a natural part of our internal terrain and complexities. As Bechamp said in 1833, “the primary cause of disease is in us, always in us”. It is only when our self-regulatory systems (homeostasis) are compromised that these pathogens cease to be benign.

It is not a question of either or, Terrain or Germ; it is a question of priority, of disproportional leverage, where is the emphasis? We can either concentrate on maintaining a vital internal milieu, or we can concentrate on waging a war with the external ‘enemies’. Concentrating on external threats is like the tail wagging the dog, it is massively inefficient. By inverting the priority, and concentrating on the external rather than internal function we end up with a maximum effort for a minimum result. Like trying to use a lever the wrong way round. Terrain enthusiasts take it one step further, saying that germs are actually generated in a ‘foul’ body.

And this is exactly what is happening with Coronavirus.

Fear and anxiety lower your immune response, as do chronic stress, isolation. That’s just for starters!

It is very clear that when people with chronic health conditions, such as obesity, and people in poverty with poor housing and living conditions get infected, there is a much greater chance of things turning nasty. So clearly it is important to take personal responsibility and where necessary improve infrastructure. Perhaps one of the most powerful drugs in the world is kindness and sharing and embracing the personal and collective story.

The immune system is compromised when we are generally run down. In my opinion to lock up perfectly well people is pandemic insanity and it is clear that when the wave passes, because coronavirus infections go in waves, we must learn some important lessons and remember that the vast majority of infected people had mild, or no symptoms at all. Why?

Immunity is also emnity, ‘you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die’, our enemy is our friend, we should stop looking ‘out there’ for answers and direction and look inside. If we look after the inside the outside will look after itself.

It’s all about homeostasis which is the way the body, through multiple interconnected and dynamic relationships keeps a steady state, or tries too, and here lies the problem. Our chaotic, undernourished, over stressed, desire driven, disintegrated etc lifestyles make it jolly hard for the body to maintain things such as a constant temperature (except of course when fever is required), a slightly alkaline intercellular fluid, a steady blood-sugar level and a thriving internal ecology, and so we end up with a compromised internal milieu where internal ‘germs’ within the cells of the body can thrive and diseases will proliferate.

As for ‘trusting THE science’, well, let’s not go there! We must trust ourselves and our daily habits and notice when we ‘put off getting healthier for the future because coping with the stress of daily life is tough enough’; then as we dance along and surround ourselves with comfort and desirous distractions, we are doing little more than going headlong into careless self-collapse!! Which, of course, due to the paradoxical nature of existence, if we use it right, may well be a fine thing. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

A strong immune system begins with mind and attitude, our ‘wellbeing’. Often life’s ‘difficulties’ are not in our control, but how we feed ourselves, what we put in our mouths and minds, is up to us – so, no excuses there.

And, by the way, happy herds of cows that roam green pastures and are not locked up in feed lots don’t get ill. Remember that we, too, are animals.

Apparently Pasteur’s final words on his death bed, to his great friend and antagonist Bechamp were: “you are right, the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything”. But hey, Germ Theory makes us the victims, so much easier than Terrain Theory which gives us the responsibility, and who needs that?

Be safe – yes, from the inside out.