Francisco Varatojo

1960 – 2017

Simon Brown  | July 2017

We wish to announce the sad loss of our dearest friend, colleague, teacher and inspiration Francisco Varatojo. He was known to his friends as Chico and played an enormous part in shaping the evolution of macrobiotics. With his wife Geninha, he built up one of the world’s most successful macrobiotic centres in Lisbon.

Chico was a loving husband and father of four children and a committed family man. He taught throughout the world and became a successful author of macrobiotic books. During the last 10 years Chico has helped organise and run the international teachers meetings. Chico was a great support to his colleagues and hugely valued member of the macrobiotic community. He loved music, aikido, running and deep sea diving. Tragically, it was whilst diving that his beautiful life ended on Thursday 6th July. We will miss him greatly and wish him well on his future journey. Much love to you dearest Francisco.