Food for Physical, Emotional
& Spiritual Health (London Event)




Food for Physical, Emotional
& Spiritual Health (London Event)

The International Macrobiotic School presents Food for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health in London, on Sunday, 17th March.

London Event

Find out what to eat to give you the most energy and best health, emotional stability and confidence, and enhance your connection to your deep self and to spirit.

“Oliver’s teaching is truly unique and invaluable in that it integrates emotional healing along with the physical, mental and spiritual levels”

Do you want to have more energy, come to your natural weight, and enjoy better health? Oliver Cowmeadow will bring his forty years of experience of using Oriental medicine and western nutrition to tell you how you can take greater charge of your health, heal many common health problems, and enjoy lasting good health.

Our daily food is not only the basis for our physical health, but also our emotional and mental wellbeing. Find out how to help lessen depression, anxiety, ADHD and other difficulties and enjoy a more confident and positive attitude to your life.

Our food can either distract and take us away from our deeper yearnings and directions in our life, or can help us to tune into this deeper plane of being. Find out how you can use your food and self exercises to connect more strongly to yourself and your purpose in life.

What You’ll Get


  • 4 hour talk/workshop
  • A light lunch & mid afternoon snack, plus teas
  • Booklet & recipes

For more detail about the course, fee and booking see Events here

 Download workshop’s poster here