Cycling Among

The Clouds

Victoria Angeli | January 2017

When I moved to London 9 years ago I didn’t plan to cycle. I bought the bike for enjoyment on the weekends . But when I started cycling I felt so strong emotionally that it started to be a part of my life. Step by step I realised how much my bike is important for me. I am observing everything from my bike, when I cross the parks I can see the change of seasons, the tender new leaves coming up in the early spring, a competition of new flowers in May with their scents and perfumes, thick green foliage moved by the breeze in summer, a symphony of colours in Autumn when the leaves start to slowly fall down.

I can admire the sky too, night and day time, …when its quilted by stars, when the clouds run with bizarre shapes and when it is so blue that it seems just out of the washing machine. Looking at the sky I imagine to be a Queen of Infinity….But  I know that when I go into my realm of infinite nothingness I can live happy and satisfied as I can have everything and all the things I want to take from there….the strength to face life….because when I come back from my kingdom I am very rich. All the things that I need to deal with in life that never ends….because I do not die….sometimes things change for the best accompanying the journey that never ends.

I can see pedestrians crossing the street, heedless of me because they are busy looking at their phones. Then I found peaceful mews, secret small gardens, I go everywhere from east to west and from north to south, distances become no distances anymore, my legs move and go without stopping, it’s a wonderful feeling to  hear my legs every day getting stronger.

I go for my business appointments, I go to the gym, I go to dance, I go to the parties and when I arrive to my destination I change my trainers with high heels, and my yellow cycle jacket with a formal one. Every day is a new adventure with my companion, it never lets me down, faithful and tireless, reasonably priced and always ready. I want to say thanks to my bike for having changed my life and my macrobiotic diet for having given me the strength and energy to cycle.