are you prepared?




are you prepared?


Macrobiotic Counsellor, and Acupuncturist, Michael Rossoff shares his knowledge with respect to how best to prevent or reduce the symptoms of coronavirus.

He presents a three-pronged approach focussing on:
• Diet
• Lifestyle
• Oriental Medicine perspectives and simple suggestions

Here is an excerpt from his article:

How to Prevent or Reduce Symptoms

The key defence is a strong immunity. The elderly and the young are more vulnerable because their immune systems are either weak or immature. People who are in poor or compromised health, whether chronic or serious, need to take more care and precautions.

In order to keep ourselves vital, we need proper food and good digestion. These support strong blood which strengthens our immunity. The core disturbance that undermines our immunity is chronic acidity.

Foods that create acidity are:
• meats, especially red meats, organ meats. Fish is of less concern.
• sugars, especially agave, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar. Barley malt and rice syrup are best. Very small amounts of honey can be fine, too.
• alcohol, especially wine and beer
• acid vegetables, such as tomatoes

Foods to add that are alkalinizing:
• umeboshi plum/paste (can be used with cooking grains or in tea)
• miso (as traditional miso soup or in any soup with grains, vegetable or beans)
• seaweed (wakame and nori among others)
• fermented pickles (such as sauerkraut)
• sea salt
• kuzu

These are all sources of salt, in other words, minerals. Macrobiotics has been correct in emphasizing these salts in the diet. All grains and beans must be cooked with one or the other of these salts. As always, salt should be used carefully, not more than your individual system can handle without craving sweets and excessive liquid. 

Furthermore, eating extra root and leafy vegetables, mostly cooked, are helpful for keeping the blood alkaline.

To read the full article, click here.

Macrobiotic Consultant and MBA Professional Member Bill Tara, has also addressed how to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak on his own website blog, along with a video. Here is the link.