Simon Brown | January 2017

When we make changes to our lives, and experience benefits, it is natural to want to share it with our family and friends. This is especially true of changes that lead to feeling better or health improvements. In my experience most people enjoying macrobiotics have a desire to encourage people close to them to give it a try. Sometimes it is challenging to find they are highly resistant or even hostile. Here are some tips that I have found helped over the last 37 years.

Explain Macrobiotics

Develop a simple explanation you are happy with. Try not to make big claims as this invites arguments. You can use the word to explain what you are doing. Macrobiotics breaks down to the words Great and Life. In essence we are aiming to make the most of the rest of our lives. Part of this is through being conscious, aware and engaged in life, as well as eating healthy natural foods along with exercise and practices like meditation to reduce stress.

Be Humble

One of the basic macrobiotic principles is to be humble and accept we are enjoying something that works for us. We do not know if other people will get the same results, however, they will know if they give it a try.

Tell Stories

Humans love stories. It is more interesting to describe your successes and failures. The first taste of natto, the overcooked brown rice or attempts to meditate with constant interruptions from your children provide the opportunity for humour and might help people take a greater interest in your new lifestyle.

Make Simple Suggestions

If we use the health coaching principles the fewer changes someone makes the more likely he or she will do it. Help your friend choose up to 3 changes they could reasonably try. It could be stopping added sugar, a one minute meditation everyday, and a 30 minute daily walk.

Once your friend has decided what to change find an agreeable start date. Then see if your friend can commit to trying the changes for a week or month. Most people will try something for a day and very few for a year, so you can encourage your friend to choose a comfortable duration.

Be Supportive

If a friend is trying to make positive life changes be as supportive as possible. Creating mutually supportive networks is one way we can help each other and get through difficult times.

Focus on Results

By being interested in people we may discover issues they would like to change. If you think macrobiotics would be appropriate encourage them to make changes whilst being focussed on the potential benefits. The more numerical the objective is, the more effort we are likely to put into achieving it. So losing 3kg in a month would be a clear specific target.

In the end you will most likely attract people to macrobiotics because you are enjoying it and becoming healthier. Natural health is infectious.

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