Both these books are humble and a profound, heartening wake up call that encompass the breadth of yin / yang understanding and 5 transformations – and in my view essential for those on a macrobiotic path; and effective read close together.

“Braiding Sweetgrass –
Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the teachings of plants”

by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Widely discussed on the UK media, what is expressed  in this book is completely appropriate for this time of acute change in the universe. Beautifully written encompassing all that the subtitle states, ancient truth’s that benefit societies, and modern ones.

“Stolen Focus, Why You can’r pay Attention”

by Johann Hari

Direct to the point, full of research on very difficult and real issues, written with a luminosity that always moves forward – and I suggest that we must pay attention to its’ content.

Has the human ability to focus the brain dropped that much? Yes.