Rooted – Stories of Life, Land and a Farming Revolution by Sarah Langford.

Recommended by Anna Mackenzie.


Anna says; a remarkable and beautiful read for anyone with vision for the “great Life” so urgent to help recreate within our planet Earth. An exceptional writer, mother and natural farmer, her description of real living soil…the whole book – is a must for macro’s! Please read with the family too. Sarah is from Suffolk where so many macro teachers have lived and still live. Below some authors write-ups.

Moving, startling, uplifting, galvanising and unsettling, this plainly beautiful book is one of those rare few that changes how you see the world around you.
Ella Rusbridger…..The Year of Miracles

As conversations about what we eat and where it comes from reach fever-pitch, Sarah Langford’s clear eyed, inquisitive and passionate plea for farmers and farming offers a vital understanding when it has never been so needed.
Alice Vincent…..Rootbound

This book on farming is really a book about healing. All of life and death is here: family, politics, nature, climate, history, humanity. A beautifully written, powerful reminder of where we’ve gone wrong, what is at stake, and how we can change.
Christie Watson….The Language of Kindness