by  Edward Nesko

Greetings Macrobiotic Association Members. I’m happy to announce that my latest book, Lightfood: Eating for Consciousness & Enlightenment is now available.

The book is based on my teachings and writings over the past five years. In it I attempt to reposition macrobiotics as a method for achieving spirituality and consciousness, and not only a diet for physical health. Of course, good health is the cornerstone of an enlightened life, but macrobiotics is much more than just a healthy diet. It is my belief that this repositioning will become increasingly essential as we progress through the 21st century. Some of the issues I discuss include the role of cereal grains as repositories for the sun’s energy as well as cosmic force; how the human body uses that energy to create physical and mental activity as well as spiritual awareness; how eating sentient animals negatively impacts our mind and consciousness; macrobiotic dietary guidelines for opening the spiritual vision located in the pineal gland, or “third eye;;” and how the animal-centered modern diet contributes to anxiety and depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. I conclude the book with my vision of a peaceful universe and a healthy and sustainable future for humanity. Alex Jack describes the book as “A quantum leap in our understanding of food and its relationship to body, mind, and spirit.”

Here is a quote from Robin Brewer, a macrobiotic teacher and Registered Nurse in New Brunswick, Canada:

“Whether you have been practicing macrobiotics for many years, or you are just beginning your journey, this book takes our understanding of food, and of food preparation, to a whole new level. I trust that when you finish reading this book you will be inspired to nourish your own body and spirit, with foods manifested from light, allowing you to be your own pioneer towards enlightenment.”

ISBN: 9781686199691