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Edward Esko is one of the world’s most active contemporary macrobiotic teachers.
Over the past four decades, he has lectured and counseled in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and throughout North America, including at the United Nations, and has written and edited numerous books and articles. Building on the teachings of George Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, and other macrobiotic pioneers, he has applied yin and yang—the universal principles of change and harmony—to helping solve issues of personal and planetary health. He has served as Executive Director of the East West Foundation and Director of Education at the Kushi Institute. He is the founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) in Massachusetts, and serves on the Board of Planetary Health, Inc., the non-profit sponsor of the Macrobiotic Summer Conference.

His books include Yin Yang Primer, Contemporary Macrobiotics, Ki: The Energy of Life, Alzheimer’s: The Macrobiotic Approach, Opening Your Third Eye, and The Next Twenty Years.

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  • Yin & Yang
  • Contemporary Macrobiotics
  • Rice Field Essays
  • Dandelion Essays
  • Ki: The Energy of Life
  • Opening Your Third Eye
  • The Next Twenty Years
  • Food for Peace
  • What is Macrobiotics
  • Macrobiotics: The Companion Guide to the Online Course
  • Nine Star Ki: The Companion Guide to the Online Course
  • Macrobiotic Nutrition
  • Alzheimer’s: The Macrobiotic Approach
  • How the Umeboshi Works
  • Healing of the Nations


With Wendy Esko

  • Macrobiotic Cooking for Everyone


With Michio Kushi

  • Natural Healing through Macrobiotics
  • Other Dimensions
  • Nine Star Ki
  • The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • Holistic Health through Macrobiotics
  • Healing Harvest
  • Spiritual Journey
  • The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Raising Healthy Kids
  • Basic Shiatsu
  • Dream Diagnosis
  • Chakras & Meridians


With Alex Jack

  • Cool Fusion
  • Corking the Nuclear Genie
  • Crohn’s and Colitis: The Macrobiotic Approach
  • Diabetes: The Macrobiotic Approach
  • The Rice Revolution
  • Strategy for Peace: JFK’s American University Speech
  • Strengthening Natural Immunity


Edited By Edward Esko

  • Cancer and Heart Disease
  • Crime and Diet
  • Doctors Look at Macrobiotics
  • The Teachings of Michio Kushi
  • Remembering Michio

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