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Melanie began practising yoga in 1985 at the Community Health Foundation in London whilst working in Accountancy. A change in direction led her to study for a degree in Applied Psychology where her interest in Eastern Philosophies and practices developed further. She gained valuable experience working as a Nurse Assistant in a hospice, alongside training as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher with the BWY. This stimulated her desire to support others using more traditional daily practices that promote health and healing.

On her journey through motherhood and two distressing miscarriages, in her search for  a deeper source of healing, Melanie discovered Macrobiotics. Instantly she felt both physically and emotionally nourished by the food and inspired by the essential philosophy that when we live in tune with the laws of nature we allow for a deeper level of healing, harmony and freedom within ourselves and the Earth.

Over the years Melanie continued her study of Macrobiotics with many inspiring teachers, alongside raising a family. Keen to share her experience, she has spent many years teaching yoga, running cooking classes and offering guidance on minor to major health issues. In 2012 she completed a 4 year professional training as a Macrobiotic Consultant, Health Coach & Cook at The International Macrobiotic School in Devon and has recently returned to the school to teach on Women’s Health. She has also worked for Fountain Retreats, supporting women through menopause and has worked as a Cook and Yoga teacher at Puyssentut, a retreat centre in the South of France supporting people with cancer.

At the core of Melanie’s work is creating a space for healing. She believes that when we feel deeply held and acknowledged it creates an opportunity to unlock painful experiences and allow the release of self destructive patterns. She combines both Yoga and Macrobiotic practices to sensitise the body in order to explore imbalances which block growth. Developing presence through stilling the mind, returning to the breath and honouring the wisdom of the body is key to Melanie’s way of working.

Classes and workshops provide a space for group work whilst one-to-one consultations are available for individuals wanting more personal Health, Lifestyle & Dietary guidance. Melanie is currently collaborating with other practitioners to offer Healing Retreats in the UK and abroad.

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Melanie Hubbard

Macrobiotic Consultant, Health Coach & Cook

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