MBA values.



MBA values.

A founding principle of macrobiotics is the Japanese Buddhist principle of shin do fu ji. This translates to body and earth not two. The idea being that we part of the earth. The plants we eat take their nutrients from the earth. We are essentially eating the earth. The earth becomes us and we are made up of the earth.

Humans are about 70% water and that water flows through our bodies and around the planet. The same water flows through rivers, oceans, seas and lakes as well as vegetables, trees, plants, animals, fish, birds and insects. We are all, basically a planetary flow of water. At the same time we have a symbiotic relationship with trees and plants. They produce oxygen and consume carbon-dioxide whilst we produce carbon-dioxide and consume oxygen. Chemically, we are each two halves of the process. We could say biologically inseparable.

In a biological sense we are nature and therefore always fully connected. At the same time we can feel disconnected. This is easy living in a modern city, using modern transport and connecting to people through the internet. It may be that feeling disconnected leads to feelings of stress, isolation and loneliness.

The easiest way to connect to nature is through our 5 senses.

1. Looking at the flowers, plants, trees, birds, insects, animals, sky, clouds, sun, stars, moon.

2. Smelling the air, flowers, plants, grass, sea, herbs and earth.

3. Listening to the wind, birds, waves, children, chatter and animals.

4. Touching the earth, grass, stones, trees, sticks, leaves, animals, fruits, vegetables and people.

5. Tasting natural wild fruits, vegetables and herbs from the fields, our garden or indoor pots.

This kind of sensorial connection with nature becomes a form of meditation. We can extend this to describe our connection to nature through poetry, sketching, painting, photography and writing.

It is interesting to connect to the rhythms of nature. When we are conscious of the light throughout the day, the lunar cycles and seasons, we have the opportunity to align ourselves with natures cycles, which then can help us find rhythms in our own lives. This could influence our sleep cycles, eating pattens and activity routines.

Action Plan

1. Walk in nature

2. Have plants at home

3. Walk barefoot on the grass

4. Feel the sun on your skin

5. Enjoy star gazing

6. Watch the moon and be aware of her cycles

7. Eat fruits and vegetables in season

8. Be conscious of how we connect to nature with each of our 5 senses

9. Garden or grow foods in your home

10. Hug friends and family

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