Founded by mother and daughter team Lucy (Lu) and Maria (Ma) Jessiman, both level 1 Macrobiotic food coaches, Lu-Ma Café offers a range of delicious completely dairy free, refined sugar free, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes.

Both Lucy and Maria are passionate about creating a place where healthy eating is easy – no hidden surprises, no dodgy labelling, just honest, good, tasty, real food. We have done this by eliminating foods that we know do not serve our body so well – these foods are red meat, dairy and refined sugar. Instead, we use foods that nourish our bodies – fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, plus for our desserts we use only natural sweeteners such as rice syrup and maple syrup. It uses locally sourced, organic and seasonal produce, wherever possible and focuses on tasty, wholesome food.

Lu-Ma’s seasonal menus are developed with the support of Angela Agrati Prange a Marcobiotic Chef and Kenneth Prange a Senior Macrobiotic Consulatant, both previously worked at the world renowned, award-winning Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. With their love and dedication to food and health we are able to create dishes that are so nutritionally well balanced that benefits are clearly noticeable by our customers.

Choose from miso soup, quinoa salad or greens, or more traditional dishes such as tasty wraps, sweet jacket potatoes or hearty bean burgers. Or indulge in guilt-free cheesecake or brownies made from a variety of Mother Nature’s ingredients. Children can choose from the specially created gluten free menu. 

Dishes can be enjoyed in the cosy café at or as take-away.  Both options can be pre-ordered, making Lu-Ma an ideal choice for time-pressed, health conscious locals.

Lucy and Maria are passionate advocates of the health benefits of a macrobiotic based approach to eating. Both attended a Macrobiotic training course held in Scotland with Bill Tara and Marlene Watson Tara for their own health reasons.

Lucy had suffered from acne through most of her teenage and early adult years and had noted a remarkable difference once she switched to the macrobiotic diet – ‘I was amazed at the dramatic results such simple changes in my diet had on my skin. And it didn’t mean severely restricting my lifestyle, just understanding how we are affected by what we eat and choosing better ingredients’.

 Maria also experienced significant improvements in long-standing conditions when she followed the macrobiotic programme. Her persistent acid reflux all but disappeared and she discovered her rosacea is controllable through her diet.  Lucy and Maria are keen to share their discovery.

‘When we came back from the course we found it difficult to find places offering good quality, balanced nutritious food. That’s when we came up with the idea of Lu-Ma. Our aim is to nourish, educate and feed people, providing normal dishes with healthy ingredients, whatever your taste’.

Our food does not deprive or starve and is not restrictive, and we create some of the most common dishes from sandwiches to brownies and even cheesecake from a wide variety of Mother Nature’s ingredients.

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Wimbledon – South West London

Lu-Ma Cafe

Lu-Ma Cafe is located inside the Justin James Hotel, 43 Worple Road Wimbledon SW19 4JZ

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