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I first came across Macrobiotics by accident! I saw an advert for a Holistic Cooking school which resonated with me as I was keen to heal my own health through food, discovered it taught Macrobiotic cooking and have never looked back. My physical health improved quickly, my energy levels returned , my digestion improved and I began to understand myself better and my individual needs.  I greatly appreciate how Macrobiotics looks at each person as a unique individual.

I studied for 3 years at the International Macrobiotic School. Returning a few years later to the school to teach and guide others with their well being through cooking delicious wholefood and an understanding of how different foods, lifestyles and emotions can affect our well being.

I am particularly passionate about teaching how to make delicious refined sugar free and wholefood desserts. This was something I struggled to do, missed when I started changing my diet and wanted to be able to make for my then young children.

With two teenagers now and 3 step children I also understand well cooking for a family.

My other joys include nature and gardening, through my work I actively encourage the use of ingredients that support the well being of us but also our beautiful and wondrous planet.

With yoga, music and dance also bringing me much happiness.

I currently teach at the Macrobiotic School in Devon, run courses online and work with individuals as a Macrobiotic health coach and cook.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who may think they would like to know more about how to nourish yourself well.

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Lara Holmes

Macrobiotic Health Coach & Cook

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