Cooking with Angela
in everyday life

– delicious macrobiotic and vegan recipes

by Angela Agrati Prange


Price £25

Published by DAAC Hermes Pres

Available from Lu-Ma Café, Wimbledon  or email Ken at


A joyous, nourishing, truly easy-to-follow recipe book for anybody to use – teenager, student, family, grandparent — and for all cultures. The layout has clear titles, large printed instructions and friendly notes about nutrition. Simply the best plant-based recipes!

It’s an advantage that it’s a heavy hardback book. Keep it propped up against the wall in your kitchen as inspiration, put it down on the worktop – open it at the recipe you want and it stays there, not slipping around, and you can easily read and navigate Angela Agrati’s heart-warmingly simple instructions. Sense her years of experience and understanding of human nature and let that encourage yours! 

Angela has led kitchens to cook for thousands or for one since she was 22. In his introduction Verne Verona says: 

“Her work and passion speaks for itself. Make the recipes, open your mouth and allow her long acquired talents to enchant your senses and enrich your health… hold an inspiring treasury of know-how from her kitchen wisdom: worth committing to memory and sharing.”


“if you need something sweet, very fast, then this is the one to go for”


“This is probably one of the fastest ways to prepare tofu.
Here it can be used as a source of protein at any meal
but also as a substitute for cheese or ham on a sandwich or on a pizza”  


“Very good to regulate blood sugar and boost energy.
If necessary, it could also replace a whole meal when time is tight”


“A family favourite in Italy, everyone together at the table
to chat and indulge in some heavenly sweetness”