Macrobiotic Health Coach & Cook

Blandine Bardeau is a qualified Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook, as well as an artist. She completed her Macrobiotic training in 2018 at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon with Oliver Cowmeadow. She has also trained extensively at Concord Institute in London under Jean Torné, Mutsuko Johnson, Françoise Auvray, and Nicholas Allan.

As soon as she encountered wholefoods Macrobiotic cooking, she fell in love with the smell of toasted sesame oil, the ubiquitous ginger and the mighty tamari, expanding her world and inviting her to create art on a plate, and she never looked back.

She is committed to sharing what she has learnt along the way, inspiring people to take their well-being into their own hands.

Blandine teaches cooking classes at Concord Institute in London, Finsbury Park.


Her qualifications are:

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Blandine Bardeau

Macrobiotic Health Coach & Cook

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