The Wreath

The Wreath

The wreath always represents the circle of eternal life, a circular or spiralic formation used since life began.  Most living beings are entirely made from aspects of this shape.

It is miraculous that green leaves and plants exist through  ice and frost and snow – and we do too – for thousands of years with no gas or electricity.

The sun is very low, a glow over the land so magnificent it awakens our spirit to the brightness of the possibility to be warm, thoughtful, creative, story telling and singing through Winter. In the larder are the foods we have home processed and pickled in preparation to keep us for months if need be. With nature we hunker down to allow our resources to rest and reform simultaneously….we recall what we discovered to improve on each year of life.

We make a wreath to put outside our home on Winter Solstice in December until 6th January, as a reminder of hope, celebration and gratitude until Spring Equinox in March the following year, when most plants, trees and vegetables start to bud.

Evergreen Ivy, Holly, Fir, Mistletoe make the wreath. Nothing else is required – take a short walk to find them with a pair of secateurs for cutting. Then onto the kitchen table for a couple of hours, happy, thoughtful, winding the circle with agile fingers…..

….wind together long curves of prickly holly cut from high on the tree with berries: (that the birds feast on) to make the frame; secured with lots of long winding ivy pulled from a fence, tree or earth, mistletoe sometimes hard to find and fir or spruce at the end…then some extra bright red berries from the Cotoneaster tree, if the migrating birds have not eaten them already. Some years a red bow and other years I prefer it bright and simple….placing it on or by the front door we can say our own prayer or wishes for those we know far away and those who cross the threshold. It is a blessing of renewal.

Sustainability to me…means valuing our selves as part of nature, its’ mystery and sacred integrity to live as originally designed.
It is critical now to support grass roots initiatives world wide with purposeful courage to actually sustain natural life for time to come.
Beside being mindful in my daily actions I read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff subtitled The fight for a human
future at the new frontier of power. Others too plus any books by Jaron Lanier. His most recent, and previous books include Who Owns the Future and You Are Not a Gadget. They do shock and remind me of the purpose of the big life, as does my natural wreath.
A tiny excerpt from novelist John Updike — “How solemn and huge….our life does loom in its once-and doneness, how inexorably linear, even though our rotating, revolving planet offers us the cycles of the day and of the year to suggest that existence is intrinsically cyclical,…………”