Keeping your data safe.


Keeping your data safe.


The Macrobiotic Association are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. The Macrobiotic Association acts as the data controller – who is responsible for all information you share with us when using our website. We never sell your data onto third parties, and only collect as much as we need to improve your experience, communicate with you or deliver your orders. We make reasonable efforts to protect your information, and won’t store it for longer than we need to. You are in control of any marketing messages we send you. You will always be able to opt out, and we will periodically check that you still want to hear from us. All marketing email communication are treated separately to transitional emails we must send you while making purchases on our website. These include order confirmations or customer service messages.  

Website security

The site is regularly tested and all information is transferred using SSL encryption to a secure server.  

Payment security

When making purchases on our website, you may see a pop up window appear when you are at the checkout for 3D Secure. This pop up will be provided by the bank that issued the card you are making payment with. If you have not already registered your card, you can use this pop up and follow the instructions to register securely. Once registered, you will be taken back to our website to complete your order. If you are at all concerned or confused, simply close the pop up window and complete your order as normal, then contact your bank to find out more about the schemes. Once registered, you will then be required to use your personal code on all subsequent online transactions. All our credit card data is handled directly by PayPal and your issuing bank. The website and by extension us, at no time actually store or even have access to your credit card details. This is in line with PCI regulations and means your credit card security is preserved at all times.  

How we use your data

Your personal details, including name, email address and contact addresses. We use these as part of your subscription process, for our newsletter or for membership applications, to keep you informed on its progress, for fraud prevention and detection, to personalise your web experience, and for customer services purposes. With your permission, we may also use this information to keep you up to date about our activities, or in other marketing messages. If you wish to stop receiving marketing messages, you can either unsubscribe using the link in every marketing email we send, or contact us at  

Your payment details

We keep a record of the billing address you supply to us as part of our fraud prevention work and for future customer service enquiries, such as to give a refund. If you have paid through a third party payment provider like Paypal, we will keep a record of your email address and the payment reference. For payments with a credit or debit card, we only store the last four digits of your card for fraud and customer service reasons.  

Your purchase history

This is important for us to provide good customer support and look after you in the event of any customer service enquiries. We may also use this to personalise your web experience and the emails we send you, and may also anonymise and aggregate the data to find out what products and services you and people like you might like. This helps us to improve our site and deliver a better experience for you.  

Your rights

As a responsible association, we want to keep you informed about how we use your information. You have a right to know this, and you should also be able to ask any organisation to detail it. In line with GDPR guidelines, you have a right to request details about the data we have on you, the right to request we correct any inaccurate personal information, the right to no longer receive direct marketing messages and the right to have some or all your data forgotten or deleted.  


Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcomed and should be addressed to us by email at

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