Forget Your Morning Cuppa’

– Try the Body Rub!

Marion Price | August 2017

The Body Rub is an important and transformative daily practice that helps to increase our energy levels and to maintain good health. It is best done in the morning, before eating, and will help the body to wake up and feel ready for the day, after being in a relaxed and dormant state during the night. It can also be repeated in the evening and can help to bring good sleep.   To do the Body Rub, take a small washcloth or face flannel and dip it in a bowl of fresh warm water, squeezing out the excess. Then you will be rubbing the whole body gently, but vigorously, in small circular movements*. This brings the circulation to the surface (your skin will become redder) and helps to shift energy blockages along the meridians creating a good flow of energy throughout the body. From time to time re-dip and squeeze out the facecloth in fresh water.   Starting with the face – being extra gentle here, then the ears and neck, and move down the outside of the arms then up the inside – (this follows the directions that the meridians take.) The hands need a thorough going over to include each finger, both thumbs and between each of the fingers. Then work down the whole body, front and back, making sure to rub well along the spine (as far as you can reach) and around the kidney areas. Carry on down the outside of each leg and up the inside (as with the arms) including as well the shins and back of the legs, but being careful of the back of the knees. The ankles and feet follow on, making sure that each toe, and between all the toes, is thoroghoughly rubbed.   Of course we should be careful to avoid rubbing any part of the skin that is injured or infected, and any delicate or sensitive areas.   This practice is especially effective when it is done every day  – after a while it can become an indispensible part of one’s daily routine.   Give it a go – you will be amazed!   * The Body Rub may not be suitable for those with acute skin conditions – if in doubt ask your doctor’s advice.