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Healthy Plant Based Cooking Classes – Live online course

April 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Six Tuesday mornings, with notes and recipes.

April 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26.


Why not use your time at home to develop your cooking skills and learn some new healthy recipes! 

This course will show you how to create healthy plant-based meals using nutritious whole foods. Learn how to make healthy foods look amazing and taste fantastic!

Cooking is an essential foundation for our health. The foods we choose, and how we cook them, can either make us ill and create disease, or move us towards greater health and freedom from sickness. Let’s choose to eat to create health for ourselves and all we are cooking for! 

And eating healthily does not mean spending a fortune on highly-priced ‘special foods’. Rather the healthiest way of eating is to cook the basic whole foods that have been used around the world for millennia – grains, beans, a range of root, round and green vegetables, seeds and fruits, etc. These are not expensive foods, and you don’t have to spend a bomb to eat well, especially in these challenging times.


Why cook plant-based meals?

The consensus among traditional approaches to health like macrobiotics and Ayurveda have long recommended a plant-based way of eating as healthiest for the mind and body. After a brief experiment in modern culture with eating a lot of meat, dairy, sugar, and processed foods, we have seen how eating these foods daily creates a host of diseases including heart disease, diabetes, a number of types of cancer, arthritis, and dementia.

The latest NHS (UK National Health Service) World Health Organisation, and many heart, diabetes and cancer organisations are all now recommending a plant-based way of eating for maximum health.


And what does plant-based mean?

This means eating mostly or entirely plant foods – grains like brown rice, millet and quinoa, vegetables, beans and foods made from them like tofu and tempeh, seeds, nuts and fruits, herbs and sea vegetables, and vegetable oils, milk ,and pickles, along with a range of seasonings and condiments.

A plant-based diet may include a small amount of fish, eggs, dairy foods or meat, and some people choose to eat no animal food at all I.e. they eat a vegan diet.

All of these cooking classes will use only plant foods.


This course includes:

  • How to choose healthy ingredients
  • Using wholefoods in your cooking
  • Eating more local and seasonal foods
  • How to plan healthy lunch and supper menus
  • What to eat for breakfast
  • Four classes showing you how to make four complete main courses
  • One class on making tasty sauces, dressings, and snacks
  • And one class on creating healthy desserts – yes desserts can be healthy and part of your daily healthy eating plan!



How online courses work practically

When you book a course you will be emailed a set of course notes and a link to put into your computer or other devices in your search engine. Each class will be recorded so you can re-watch it later, or if you miss a class you can watch it at another convenient time.

These courses will be live just as if you were together in a room. We use video conferencing, so that the teacher and everyone on a course can see each other and speak to the group. So you can ask questions and at times we may have discussions in a group between all participants.

To join these courses you will need a computer or other device and be in a place with a reasonable strength broadband internet connection. When you have signed up for a course, you will be sent a link to put into your search engine to connect you to the Zoom video conferencing. You will have to follow a few steps to register with Zoom (no cost involved) and then you are in!

The first class of all courses will start 15 minutes early – if you have not used Zoom before please join at the beginning of this 15 minutes to give you time to join the meeting and sort out any glitches. If you have problems, please email or ring the school so we can help you get connected. We have run a number of online courses before and most people find it a simple process to join. If you are very new to this, you could register with Zoom beforehand, and read more on how it works.


Course Fee

The cost of this course is £90, payable below. This includes the six 1 (or 1 ½) hour classes and a full set of course notes and useful recipes. You will also receive a recording of all the classes to watch again, or if you had to miss a class.


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Online Course with International Macrobiotic School. 4 x 1-hour classes